In a previous post, I discussed how hard water affects you and your water using appliances. Hard water can cause your hair and skin to feel dry and you may see scaling in your pipes and water heaters.

That’s all good information, right? But the real question is this: How do we fix it? How do we get rid of our hard water?

The softener that Mark is using as an example, is from Water-Right®. It is part of their Impression Plus series. This is how they describe the process of softening your water:

  1. The softener/conditioner directs the flow of your household water through a column of media. The media making up this column is comprised of minute pockets and crevices. The media captures and holds the hardness impurities in the water. When they can no longer hold any more, the system must be regenerated, or recharged.
  2. Next, the media is backwashed to remove any sediment that may have accumulated in the tank. Any sediment is flushed to the drain. In the second phase of the recharge, the media is automatically drenched in a salt solution (brine) which removes the hardness impurities.
  3. If the system is installed outside or in a pump house, dirt and debris, such as cobwebs, insects, etc., may create mechanical issues. You should occasionally remove the control valve cover and brush lightly with a very soft, dry brush.

Pretty simple right? Give us a call today to discuss the right softener for your home!

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