When browsing Dierolf’s list of services, you might be surprised to see that we offer gas line installation. If you just purchased a new gas appliance, it might never have crossed your mind to call a plumber, since we’re known for working with water and waste. But many plumbers also install and repair gas lines. Here’s why they’re the right person to call for any project involving gas.

Safety First

Working with gas lines is something you should never try to DIY. When installed correctly, natural gas or propane is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels. But gas can be dangerous if breathed in and it is explosively combustible. And if an appliance that runs on gas isn’t hooked up correctly, it could cause carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, which can be deadly. Any time you add or replace a gas line or a gas powered appliance, you should call in a professional who’s familiar with all the safety precautions and understands what’s at stake. It’s just not worth trying to cut costs or prove yourself when the consequences of a leak can be catastrophic.

Plumbers Are Licensed Professionals

Many plumbers, like Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment, are trained and licensed to work with gas lines–although this isn’t true of all of them. Before you hire a plumber for your gas line installation, you should confirm that they’ve worked with gas lines before and have a license to prove it. If they do, you can trust they have the knowledge and experience to do the job safely. In many cases, it’s actually illegal to have someone install a gas line who isn’t licensed to do so.

Plumbers Know Pipes

Although plumbers are best known for working with water and sewer pipes, gas lines aren’t so different. They’re even made of the same materials – typically copper, steel, or plastic. A plumber will know which pipes will be the safest and most effective for your gas line project and have the experience to install them. Working with gas lines is just an offshoot of their better known tasks.

Plumbers Know Appliances

Plumbers also have a lot of experience installing appliances with water hookups, like dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines. They are able to apply that expertise to hook up gas powered appliances, such as ranges, water heaters, furnaces, grills, or even outdoor fire pits. Once again, this is just an extension of what they’re known for.

In Summary

Although you may be enticed to do some home improvements on your own, you should always call in a professional when dealing with gas lines. Though your first thought might be to call your utility company, a plumber with gas line experience like Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment can offer superior service and take care of every step of the process, from gas line installation to appliance hookup. If you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, contact us today for assistance with your new or existing gas lines.

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