Project Description

Dierolf employee performing an install of the water system.
Two Dierolf employees inspecting the water system
Top views of the water system that was installed by Dierolf

Service manager Zach Dierolf (left) and plumbing manager Mike Sparks checking on the new system.

If you are not familiar with R.R. Donnelley & Sons (RRD), they consist of multichannel communication solutions through the following segments: commercial print, logistics, statement printing, labels, packaging, supply chain management, forms, and business process outsourcing. So when their Quakertown, PA print facility faced a difficult situation with their current water treatment specialist not being able to provide service for 30 days, they had to act fast.

After doing a Google search they called our company due to our stellar reviews. Their water treatment system was completely nonfunctional and was dramatically affecting production and production machinery. If you do not know how the print segment facilities of RRD operate, they produce printed materials non-stop 24/7, so all systems must be working smoothly without issues.

Our service team attempted to service their existing system but eventually determined that our client was better off replacing their single head alternating controller with two Clack alternating controllers.

The next hurdle we needed to overcome was getting the controllers quickly.

The Water-Right team was able to not only pull the controllers together but get them shipped the same day via next-day air so that we would have the controllers in possession as quickly as possible. After installing the new controllers, we determined that the bed condition of the system, which was only 4 years old, was not functioning and not allowing proper brining. This was determined after many hours of phone conversations with Water-Right’s technical support team late into the evening.

With properly functioning controllers and a determination that the beds would need to be replaced, we scheduled the full replacement of tanks and beds at this point giving the client an entirely new system. We were able to accomplish all of this and have the customer back in full operation in less than one week.

Our new happy customer was extremely delighted with the quality of service, attention to detail, and overall care they received from Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment and Water-Right. It was a true water treatment success!