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Know what is in your Pennsylvania water

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Water Testing

Common Water Issues in Pennsylvania

Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment prides ourselves in being water experts who specialize in analyzing, diagnosing, and treating drinking water.

The most common water quality issue in Pennsylvania is hard water, which means your water contains high levels of minerals such as calcium, iron, or magnesium. Hard water isn’t dangerous to drink, but the mineral buildup it causes can damage appliances like washing machines or dishwashers or cause higher utility bills by adding strain to your water heater.

Pennsylvania water is also known for high levels of several potentially dangerous metals and nonmetals. If you have orange-brown stains in your sinks, toilets, and showers, your water’s iron level may be above the recommended level. Southeast Pennsylvania groundwater has higher then average arsenic levels due to underground rock deposits. If your water develops a rotten-egg smell, you might have a sulfur problem. Even if you use public water, lead can leech out of your pipes and fixtures and cause serious health concerns.

Standard water testing measures for coliform bacteria, which cause digestive issues; nitrates; dissolved solids; and pH levels. We can also test for heavy metals such as arsenic, manganese, and lead or any specific contaminants you have reason to suspect might be present. If you’re testing a well for the first time or considering a water treatment system, we recommend a more comprehensive water analysis.

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Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment services customers in Southeastern Pennsylvania for all their water testing needs.

Reasons to Test Your Water

  • Annual well maintenance – test for bacteria, pH, nitrates, and dissolved solids
  • Water analysis before installing a water treatment system
  • Unexplained gastrointestinal issues – test for bacteria
  • Orange staining on sinks, toilets – test for iron
  • Scaly mineral deposits – test hardness
  • Bad taste to water – test for metals, sulfur
  • Suspected pipe corrosion – test for lead
  • You are using a water softener – test for manganese and iron
  • Someone in your household is pregnant – test for nitrates

Licensed DEP Operators

Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment employs Licensed DEP operators. If your facility has a public water system which needs to meet DEP regulations, our five-star service can:

  • Keep You In Compliance
    Our licensed operators will support DEP reporting and consulting.

  • Support All Water Sampling Requirements
    Includes: Total Coliform, Chlorine Residuals, SOCs, VOCs, Nitrates, PFOAs, PFAS

  • Install and Maintain Treatment Systems
    Chemical Feed Systems, UV Systems, Arsenic Removal, Iron Removal, and Chlorine Disinfection

  • Clean, Courteous, Knowledgeable Staff
    When you hire our DEP operators, you will get the Dierolf five-star service!

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Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment is all about water. We specialize in wholesale water testing and water treatment systems for residential purposes. We also offer a full range of plumbing services. From the basic residential plumbing services such as fixing leaks to installing septic systems, we can take care of you every step of the way.


What’s In Your Water?

Knowing what is in your water is the first step to solving any issue that your water may throw at you. Whether you have hard water and want to protect your appliances or if you have high levels of metals or bacteria, Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment can help you uncover the information so you can make the decision you need.


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Water Treatment for All Uses

Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment offers many options for treating your water. Whether you are cooking and drinking your water, or using it for manufacturing, our experienced team will ensure that it is in top shape for the job. From filtration to water softening, to aeration, and more, we will ensure you get the best from your water.


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Stress-Free Home Plumbing Jobs

Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment help you get any plumbing job done correctly and well. We fix leaks, install septic systems and everything in between. Whether you need us to troubleshoot, help you plan a bathroom design, test your water, or maintain your systems, allow us to give you one less thing to worry about in your home.

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