Dierolf was hired to perform water testing of a house in Macungie, Pennsylvania which had been vacant for some time. When it was first turned on, the water came out clear, but soon it turned a brownish, orange, rusty-looking color. This is not an uncommon occurrence in Macungie and the surrounding areas. And, given that the house and been vacant for so long, and the water has set for awhile, iron does tend to settle out.

Why Is Iron In My Water?

Iron is naturally occurring in water, but you don’t want much of it in your drinking water. The Environment Protection Agency allows 0.3 ppm (parts per million) of iron in drinking water. In the case of this vacant home, it had greater than 400 times the acceptable level for drinking water.

Iron in your drinking water can cause adverse health issues. Additionally, high iron levels can point to larger issues with your water system – particularly with well water. This may indicate that other contaminants have entered your water supply. Getting your water tested and treated will help keep your water clear and healthy!

Please note that iron is not rust. Rust comes from the oxidation of metal while iron is a naturally occurring element found in drinking water. There are several types of iron. The sample found in our Macungie home was Ferric Iron which has this orange color. Ferrous Iron is clear and does not present itself until it has been exposed to the air. At that time, it will show as stains in your sink and on your appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

If you’re concerned about iron in your water, or any other contaminant in your water, and you live in Macungie or elsewhere in southeastern Pennsylvania, contact Dierolf today for water testing and water treatment services!

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