Water is a crucial resource, yet its quality can significantly vary even within a small geographic area like Doylestown, PA. Two major concerns have been raised regarding water quality in this region: hardness and the presence of harmful chemicals known as PFAS and PFOS. This article outlines these issues and explains how Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment can provide effective solutions to ensure the safety of water in Doylestown homes.

Water Issues In Doylestown

Doylestown, a picturesque locale in Pennsylvania, is facing a water quality conundrum that’s two-fold. The hardness of the water, along with the unwelcome presence of certain chemicals, has propelled discussions among residents and local authorities about the need for reliable water treatment solutions.

Hard Water in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Hard water is a common issue in Doylestown, especially for well owners, with testing often showing hardness levels of 9 grains or higher. Hard water can cause several problems including scale buildup in plumbing systems, reduced efficiency of water heaters, and skin irritation. At 9 grains or higher, Doylestown residents will experience major, expensive impacts to their appliances and water heaters.

Concerns about PFAS and PFOS – The Forever Chemicals

PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances) and PFOS (Perfluorooctane sulfonate) are chemicals that have been used in various industrial and consumer products for decades. They are often referred to as ‘forever chemicals’ due to their persistent nature in the environment and in the human body. Recently, the EPA has proposed tightening the regulation on these chemicals from 1 part per trillion to a proposed zero ppt to better protect public health. With concerns over PFAS and PFOS in Doylestown water, residents and local authorities are actively discussing treatment options to remove these chemicals from the water supply.

In March 2023, the EPA proposed new guidelines aimed at reducing the allowable limits of PFAS and PFOS in drinking water. These guidelines reflect a growing understanding of the health risks associated with these chemicals and a commitment to ensuring safe drinking water for all.

Dierolf’s Water Treatment Solutions

Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment offers a range of solutions to tackle the water issues faced by Doylestown residents. For hard water problems, Dierolf provides water softening systems that can significantly reduce the hardness levels, preventing scale buildup and extending the life of household appliances.

To address the concerns over PFAS and PFOS, Dierolf offers water treatment systems capable of removing these harmful chemicals to below detectable levels. By installing a water treatment system from Dierolf, homeowners in Doylestown can ensure that their water is free from harmful chemicals, making it safer for their families.

  • Water TestingDierolf provides thorough water testing services to identify the presence and extent of hard water and chemical contaminants like PFAS and PFOS. This initial assessment is crucial to determine the most effective treatment solution.
  • Customized Treatment Plans – Based on the results of water testing, Dierolf designs customized water treatment plans for each home. This could include a combination of water softening systems and chemical filtration solutions.
  • Education – Equipping homeowners with the right information is a priority for Dierolf. They provide education on the risks associated with hard water and chemical contaminants, and the benefits of water treatment. This educational approach empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about water treatment.

Water Softening System Installation and Maintenance

For homes grappling with hard water issues, Dierolf offers water softening systems that effectively reduce water hardness. This mitigates the problems of scale buildup in plumbing and appliances, and skin irritation, ensuring a smoother water experience.

Dierolf not only provides installation of water treatment systems but also ensures regular maintenance to keep these systems operating effectively. Regular maintenance is vital to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the water treatment systems, providing peace of mind to homeowners.

Chemical Filtration Solutions

To tackle the concerns of PFAS and PFOS, Dierolf provides advanced chemical filtration systems. These systems are capable of reducing the concentration of these harmful chemicals to below detectable levels, aligning with the proposed stringent EPA guidelines.

Purify Your Doylestown (or Bucks County) Water Today

Water quality issues in Doylestown remain a concern among residents, and the tightening of EPA regulations underscores the importance of addressing these issues promptly. Dierolf Plumbing and Water Treatment stands at the forefront of providing effective solutions to combat hard water and remove harmful chemicals like PFAS and PFOS from the water supply. With a deep-rooted commitment to ensuring safer water, Dierolf is proudly serving Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and Bucks County with its comprehensive water treatment and plumbing services. Residents in these areas looking to safeguard their homes from water-related issues can confidently turn to Dierolf for reliable, professional, and tailored solutions. Take a step towards ensuring the safety and health of your family with Dierolf’s trusted water treatment and plumbing services.

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